After Life - Images from the Key West Cemetery

In our restlessness we search for ways and places to live and dream and even to sleep. We know about death and fear it, but we also consider it, write about it, photograph it and sometimes meander through our landscaped gardens of death – the architectural curiosities created as final stops for the big sleep.  After Life focuses on one of those places – The Key West City Cemetery – revealing a beautiful granite and concrete city. The collaborative fruit of three women authors, this precious and decayed world of After Life, details a corner of our consciousness punctuated with the ephemeral – flowers, flags, and even stone:  A gorgeous poem the world left behind.


– Matthew Rose, artist and creator of the project A Book About Death.


In After Life - Images from the Key West Cemetery with photographs by Carol Tedesco and Roberta DePiero and narrative by Jane Newhagen, we have fresh proof that death can be every bit as splendid as life. These images are evidence that the business and the architecture of mortality in Key West's last resting place, replete with tropical sparkle and haunting idiosyncrasies, make the afterlife as immortal, as uplifting, and as purposeful as life at its prime."  


-- Mark Howell, author, reporter, editor


After Life Cover