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Carol Tedesco is a popular speaker at schools, clubs, and civic groups across the United States. In the context of a true-life shipwreck adventure story, her slide-show/lecture describes the technology of shipwreck search and recovery and highlights the importance of teamwork and belief in ones-self. Carol will customize her presentation to accomodate the age of her audience, from early elementary school to adults.


Andy Matroci has logged over one thousand hours as a guest lecturer with his fascinating slide presentation about the loss and the search for the 17th century Spanish galleon Atocha. He has presented to enthusiastic audiences in the U.S. and abroad at universities, public schools, private schools, dive clubs and conventions, civic groups such as Rotary and Kiwanas, as well as participating in programs designed to inspire and motivate troubled youths and special-needs students. Andy's presentation is appropriate for grade 6 to adult audiences.

treasure morter

Thank you for the outstanding presentation as a guest of the "Meet the People" Lecture Series. It was inspiring and informative...

Mr. Joe Monti, Lavallette, N.J.


Tremendous!! That's the only way I can describe the excitement... They were saying what a great feeling it was to witness the fine talent and commitment...

Ms. Patricia Clapp


...we applaud not only your efforts to protect our marine environment, but your willingness to preserve an important part of our world's history.

Ms. J. Hagemeier

Excerpts From Letters From Adults

I learned so much today I could explode...



Your show is so interesting I could see it over and over again...



I'll be keeping my eyes open in the ocean...



I really liked the gold spoon, and I thought the tracking device was interesting...



I never knew Spain used to rule the United States...



...I really liked the fact that you let us feel things. I found many things in the show that I thought were terrific. Were you ever too scared or too excited that you could hardly move? ...Did you ever find your job too hard or too easy for yourself...



When I saw the gold that Jennifer was holding I was about to faint. It was so cool.



Have your friends got bit by something? Have you found boots and clothes? Do you ever get sea sick? Do you have bathrooms and showers and beds on your boat?


Excerpts From Letters From Children