Package Upgrade


         PREMIUM EDITING + $350 per hour of shooting:

  • With Premium Editing, I open and edit each image individually, eliminating ones with closed eyes and other unwanted features. Images from two camera's are integrated into a single chronological flow and each shot is cropped for balance and harmony and brightness/contrast adjusted as needed.

  • Plus, with Premium Editing you get an online photo gallery that you can share with family and friends, where they can view your wedding as a slide show and order photos and fun merchandise if they choose.

Some of my client's come to me for their Key West destination wedding or elopement via planners whose packages are priced to provide for unedited photos on a dvd. However, you do have the option to upgrade to Premium Editing.

IMG_no_edit IMG_edit

Unedited: Before contrast adjustment and smoothing of shadows.

Premium Edit: Contrast adjustment makes the couple stand out more dramatically from the background; shadows are noticably softened.


  • RETOUCHING + $95 per hour: Retouching is work that is more complex than the light photoshopping described in Premium Editing, such as, smoothing lines, "powdering" facial shine, removing perspiration stains from clothing and hair strands from faces, removing signs and unwanted objects and selective colorization.


5 Maggie&Fred_065 Maggie&Fred_121

Retouching Examples



Carey&Steven_192 Carey&Steven_192a