Wedding Photography Pricing

Dear Lover's: Congratulations on your upcoming union!  I adore photographing people in love and specialize in smaller, more intimate celebrations of the "toes in the sand" variety, and what are popularly known as staged or destination elopements, which often include two or more locations. Bride & Groom, Bride & Bride, Groom & Groom: if you are looking for a Key West wedding photographer for beach, boat, or garden with an eye for the sweepingly romantic and a true appreciation for the unique chemistry that exists between a couple and within a family, please read on. If you are planning a large, elaborate wedding and/or desire finished images that are highly 'glamorized' in post-production, I'd be delighted to refer you to one of my colleagues.


Parties of up to 12 people:

$525.00 for the first hour and $425.00 per hour thereafter; 1 hour minimum.

Just the 2 of you? Take $100 off of the price of the first hour.

Does not include any applicable site fees


13+ people:

$625.00 for the first hour and $525.00 per hour thereafter; 2 hour minimum.

Does not include any applicable site fees


Included in this fee

100 or more high resolution photographs, per hour of shooting, with license to distribute and print unlimited copies.

Premium Editing: Every image is adjusted for balance and harmony - cropping and adjusting contrast and color; images from two camera's are integrated into one chronological flow.


Also Included

An online photo gallery 

Download your photos directly from the online gallery.

Share with family and friends,.


Also Included

Me—an award winning fine art, news and documentary photographer, with years of experience behind the lens, using large sensor, high performance cameras and excellent lenses – and all of these features do make a difference!


A la Carte

Retouching + $95 per hour: Retouching is work that is more complex than the light photoshopping described in Premium Editing, for example, smoothing lines, "powdering" facial shine, removing perspiration marks, hair strands from faces, groups of people, or overlapping objects.



My clients receive their images within 21 days of their Wedding.


Need it sooner? Nothing is impossible.


More Extras:

Some couples like to arrange for photography over two separate days—one day for the wedding itself, and another for a boudoir, location, or "trash the dress" type shoot (see Kristen and Jerry Beach Shoot at That is fine - and lots of fun - and the pricing structure remains the same as though the hours were all on the same day.



I size all of the images on your dvd to 8x12 inches, 300 dpi. 8x12 automatically converts down to the standard 4x6 photo-finishing size at any photo lab you choose. 300 dpi is professional print quality. Because I shoot with high performance, large sensor cameras, your images can be enlarged significantly. I have enlarged images from my Canon D5 MK II and MK III camera's to more than 3 feet across and they remain stunning.


Your wedding day is YOUR day. I am there for you.

Warm Regards,